Which Used SUV is Right for Me?

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You've been all over southeast Wisconsin in search of a used SUV. You headed up through Oak Creek to Milwaukee and over to West Allis, down to Kenosha, and even out to Burlington, looking at options along the way. You probably realized a few things, too.

For one, there weren't any set prices. When it comes to pre-owned, manufacturers don't decide them; used SUV dealerships like ours do. Secondly, you likely saw that variety was king among those same SUV dealers; there were more pre-owned SUVs to choose from than new, across many makes, model lineups, and model-years. Furthermore, every used SUV had little or no depreciation, and with lower initial, maintenance, insurance expenses to boot, the cost-to-own situation was great.

You ended up back here in Mount Pleasant, WI, and the question remained: even with all these boxes checked, which is the best used SUV for my needs? Let us cut through some of the red tape and make figuring out the answer a little easier. Consider a few top contenders and why they appeal to so many.

Toyota, Honda, and Jeep

Toyota RAV4, for instance, is a compact SUV of choice for the all-around, whether that's your weekly commute, a weekend getaway, or a longer road trip. It's a capable orienteer for all seasons, too. It offers the cargo space, higher clearance and thus better visibility, and all-wheel-drive option of an SUV, but the maneuverability, enjoyable handling, and fuel efficiency of a smaller car. In fact, RAV4 has been a worthy sibling to larger cohorts like Toyota Highlander and off-gridders like Toyota 4Runner and FJ Cruiser since it debuted in 1996, when Toyota incorporated elements from its then-Celica-counterpart, the Carina four-door, and the older, now-modernized, and best-selling Corolla sedan, making one of today's favorites.

What drives its popularity? Several powerful engine options, for one. Secondly, sterling safety credentials, as many later models incorporate the Toyota Star Safety passive security and Safety Sense driver-assistance suites standard. Thirdly, it's well-equipped both for passengers and tech-wise, with a versatile compartment, numerous Entune infotainment systems, and more.

Honda CR-V, for another example, is a small crossover that stands out in a ripe design space for SUVs in general, not just between its subcompact Honda HR-V and larger, mid-size Pilot siblings. Having debuted in 1997 as a sport utility based on the Honda Civic platform, it quickly became one of America's best-selling, and for several good reasons. Today, CR-V is energetic, fuel-economical, roomy, comfortable, tech-savvy, and most of all, safe, with real-time AWD and Honda Sensing driver-assist technologies available in later models. It's best suited as an urban runabout or highway cruiser.

If you're looking for an SUV that's a hard-wearing, long-lasting choice over some of the ruggedest terrain and through the worst weather alike, though, consider one like Jeep Cherokee. The compact crossover automaker's slogan is "Go Anywhere, Do Anything", and with one like that, you can count on it staying true to a 75-plus-year tradition established by its off-road roots. It offers a slate of capable engines, several 4x4 systems to choose from, and cargo space for days, with the great tow ratings to take on an extra trailerful. Best of all, its well-appointed, comfortable interior is not only a meeting of modern accommodations and all-terrain feel. It's also home to the latest Uconnect infotainment technology, and more.

Of course, there are many other options out there, and beyond details such as these, the best way to answer that persistent question is firsthand. So, feel free to explore the research and comparison resources that our website offers, and if you've got a question, or you're just planning to take a used SUV for a test drive, be sure to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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